Sprachschule Everything English mit folgenden Service-Leistungen: Übersetzungen, Business English, Consultancy, Sprachcamps, Nachhilfe, Kindergartenkurse, Privatunterricht und German Kick Off Camps.

Everything English

Your Professional English Language Service

When learning a language or attending a business course, the trainers are key and here at everything English we only have top qualified native English speakers, with the ability to speak German to carry out our courses and lessons.

Over the past years we have built up an excellent reputation in the Salzburg and Pongau area. We understand that it is not only our job to teach you, our customers, but also to understand your individual needs and to motivate you. We will be happy to come and meet you and discuss your requirements over a coffee or tea before you book your course/lessons. Whether you require tutoring for your children or a business English course to push productivity within your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a translation take?

Translations can be done with a very quick turnaround. Depending on the length, we can even do same day translations.

Do you only translate from German to English?

Yes, we only translate from German to English.

How and when do you do business English courses?

These can be done to fit into your working day, even early in the morning before you start work or during your lunch break. Courses can either be done at your company or online.

What do you teach in a business English course?

We will adapt the course and teaching material to your needs. We believe that is is paramount to use real life business examples, so that you learn what it is that you need for your everyday English business use.

What makes Everything English different from other companies?

We are all native English speakers who speak fluent German. Being a small company we feel that we understand our customers needs better.

When is it is best to start with tutoring if my child is struggling with English at school?

The sooner your child gets help the better. As often it is just a simple matter which needs to be explained in a different way. In our experience children who get help earlier on, then do not need our support later on.

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